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Romanian painting in oil on canvas - nudes, landscapes, still life, nude Pictures for sale in a virtual art gallery, pictures tablouri rodica toth poiata. Contemporary painting, so calles postmodern painting, filled with all kinds of international artistic movements is to be foud in the galleries from all over the state but mostly in the capital of Romania, and also cultural capital, Bucharest.

contemporary art in Romania

Displaying contemporary art on line, structured in fabulous colouring but grating here and there, the Romanian exhibiting space offers the viewers a rich pallet of Romanian painters.Paint works worthy of a contemporary art museum are organised in a rack along with sketches and studies of models. I entered in a painting gallery from the center of Bucharest to see what’s up lately with art in Romania. Art movements exemplificated on different canvas were stocked without any particular order, but you could see there paintings by Tonitza and Andreescu, surrealism and dadaism, postmodernism and classic painting, Byzantine or Catholic images, pastels and portraits, genre paintings, nudes as well, in a baroque wealth of artistic forms.

In the center, a plaster cast, a feminine portrait, with a physiognomy barely outlined. It has an interresting ay-out, but beside this is rather dull.

We have great sketchers, but there are too many works of art in the galleries, too many art works, paintings in the same small space, too many artists that stay in line on a waiting list for the chance of having a personal or a group exhibition.

In the left side of the curator, there hangs a colored surreal painting – a colored nude; the title- surpri titlul- surprising: selfportrait. The artist has chosen a special subject, it looks like an rough sketch of a voluptous shapes nude body.


Artistic creed


"Artistic preoccupations, for the beginning, put me in the situation of trying to intercept the beauty of the reality near us. Ulterior, by painting, I was seeking to show to the others how beautiful I do see the reality. To make them part of the way I record it. Today I am painting trying to speak with the viewer in a telepathic communication and I am happy when we feel the same way, when we vibrate together in front of the same beauties."

Rodica Toth Poiata

feminine nude feminine portrait hands painting
painting texture masculine feminine


"Rodica Toth Poiată performs a figurative painting, with a high symbolic value. The images she creates are mental minute reconstructions of some isolated places and solitaire landscapes, in which the traced detail is printed by a personal symbolic load.

The color spreads in a precise manner, looking almost graphic and well confined by the always-clear drawn shapes. Her images are so internal as the emission of a lonely and extreme fragility."

Magda Carneci

"The artist has a surrealist cinematic eye which inserts her in the postmodernism's reassessments. I am thinking about the game she plays with the symbolic suggestion, with the contortioned essence, which she leads to fragile equilibrium. Maybe the paintings of Rodica Toth Poiata are getting close to the viewer more difficult then other, and they make it by a cold, distant and non-formal way. But this, just until the moment we pass the barrier to inside, putting aside the fog curtains and recording the complete show."

Ermil Radulescu

"Rodica Toth Poiata confers her realistic vision a symbolic perspective, actually an opening to essential senses. The reflexivity estate is born from a profound intimacy with the data of immediacy, as what we remark from the beginning in her painting is exactly the feeling of implication in existence by a natural detachment. She invokes the abstraction of the word and the superior finality of the nature giving to painting the power of the soul therapy."

"The painter has the faculty of seeing things by reflection, of recording the visible in the reverie state, of melting in dreams. And this dream of her is dressed up in an infinite delicacy of discrete tones that makes from innocence a surprising aspect of the fantastic space."

Cornel Radu Constantinescu


"The feminine bodies that Rodica Toth Poiata is painting seam from always to have reached a total reconciliation with the condition of their pure sensuality. They are not the expression of some cerebral hidden reflex but they can generate thoughts, dreams, nightmares, and joy in front of the undeniable force of seduction."

Constantin Dumitru


"Her suite of nudes is a smiling polemic, a framing of the existent or possible mythology: not even the spark of the nylon from a thigh especially exposed does not awake trivialities. Rodica Toth Poiata is painting the benign effect of the feminine presence over the chaos and rebellion of primary instincts. Her paintings are capable to narcosis the evil and give life to a moment of contemplation for something unexpected: the mystery of each woman being unique."

Cornel Paul Chitic


"Musical curves syncopated by vigorous rectangularities and dense color paste combined with delicate transparent chromatics are composing elegant feminine bodies, but same time, carnal and symbolic metaphors. The painter is cultivating a discreet eroticism in which the body shape is always servant to the abstract spirituality. The eternal feminine shows in her work as an ethereal presence where the primordial Eros it is not tainted by direct sexual connotations. Women are ideal creatures, courageous anatomically stylized, which brings them close to the elegance of some exotic flowers."

Valentin Tanase