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The postmodern painting, so called contemporary painting, juggling with the different art movements, is to be found in romanian art galleries from Romania but mostly in Bucharest. By showing the contemporary art on the galleries walls, original paintings arranged in an equilibrated composition, but also artistic. The romanian paintings varnishing day, offers to the viewers a large spectrum of romanian artists. Paint works worthy of a contemporary art museum are organised in a rack along with sketches and studies of models.

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I entered in a painting gallery from the center of Bucharest to see what’s up lately with art in Romania. Art movements exemplificated on different canvas were stocked without any particular order, but you could see there paintings by Tonitza and Andreescu, surrealism and dadaism, postmodernism and classic painting, Byzantine or Catholic images, pastels and portraits, genre paintings, nudes as well, in a baroque wealth of artistic forms. In the center, a plaster cast, a feminine portrait, with a physiognomy barely outlined. It has an interresting ay-out, but beside this is rather dull. In the left side of the curator, there hangs a colored surreal painting – a colored nude; the title- surpri titlul- surprising: selfportrait. The artist has chosen a special subject, it looks like an rough sketch of a voluptous shapes nude body



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"The sketches and draughts are borne as an expression of an artistic precursory frame of mind. The painting itself, the touches, the chromatic mixes, the contrasts resulted, brings a new surprising breath that takes me on a road, that once covered, offers me the possibility to look back at the starting point full of emotion. In the desire to overcome myself, I am only satisfied when the initial idea had begun to materialize, shaping up in printed images through touches and chromatic harmonies that express the true profound essence of reality."

Rodica Toth Poiata

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