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Romanian painting in oil on canvas - nude, landscapes, still life, nudes.

Contemporary painting, so called postmodern painting, crowded with several artistic tendencies, can be found in Romanian art galleries from all around the country but especially from Bucharest.

Artworks worthy of being in an art museum are placed on the shelf together with sketches and studies. On the walls, cluster of surrealism and dadaism, postmodernism and classic, icons in warm colors or shades, nudes and pastels, portraits and compositions, an overflow of baroque artistic shapes.

Displaying contemporary art on line, structured in fabulous colouring but grating here and there, the Romanian exhibiting space offers the viewers a rich pallet of Romanian painters.. I entered in a painting gallery from the center of Bucharest to see what’s up lately with art in Romania.

In the center, a bronze sculpture, a portrait of a woman with traits no more then sketched. Compositionally interesting, other wise lusterless.

The oil paintings on canvas from Romanaia, especially winter landscapes, but also spring landscapes are apreciated in Europe. The technique of oil drawing or tempera or acrilics, can be studied at the art university, where take place technical drawing courses, schetches. Behind some doors you can see students that work chalk and charcoal on paper or painting portraits and nudes.


In the shadow area of the gallery of art there’s a surrealistic painting hanged, a coloured nude; the title – surprisingly, self-portrait...The artist picked a beautiful subject or maybe, being a skilled drawer she imagined a sculptural body with voluptuous shapes. We have good artists also but there are too many works in the art galleries, too many artists registered on the waiting lists for organizing a personal exhibition or even a group one in a gallery such as Simeza or Orizont.



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Welcome to the Rodica Toth Poiata artist virtual gallery ! Here you can view representative images of her entire work. The gallery shows several stages of a long artistic path, every phase representing a step in the process of the artist spiritual maturisation. Her art is the expression of the communication desire with the art lovers, and of the desire to share with them extasy moments regarding the world miracles. We hope this visit will please you!

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