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These are some original paintings artwork, that can be distinguish through the refined good taste artform, in quality casements.

still life

At the Romanian Art Museum a lot of art works of renowned painters, Andreescu, Tonitza si Partascu, but also a lot of paintings by anonymous painters. Some of the frames of these pictures are carved in gilded wood, some others have plaster filigrees. The Contemporary Art museum shows also some postmodern artwork, like video art works, monitor instalation,photographs, images from shows like happening and performance. It is to be admired that museums from all over the world are beginning to cultivate this kind of art, preffered by a lot of contemporary media artists. Mixes between painting and drawing could be spotted in exhibitions since a long time ago, along with studies and sketches and outline of a model.Almost everyday we can assist at a experimental art varnishing day in one of Bucharest's art show rooms. Masterpieces of famous painters or works of art students, in charcoal or watercolours, can be bought direcly from the gallery for small prices.

You can rarely see engravings or other kind of traditional drawings and sculptures, the romanian artistical space is crowded by the new artistical forms of expression and thus a romanian art gallerie is now specialised in exposing photographs or collages.

Romanian painting is not valued enought. The exhibition in a virtual art gallery is now a usual commercial media.The modern art from est of Europe is put to good use in this way.

Recently I came across a virtual gallery with balcanic painters on the internet. Pictures on canvas made by romanian artist are also exhibited in Europe. Works of traditional romanian painting are exhibited in galleries but Lucrari de pictura traditionala romaneasca mai erau expuse pe simeze dar also the masterpieces of some modern painters. The artistic romanian view is enriched with the postmodern paintings.


recent events

Painting Exhibition at Simeza Art Gallery March 2008



       The exhibition "Satin" has been be opened for public from 04.03.2008 until 13.03.2008 at the Professional Artists Association gallery, Simeza.

       People from Romanian cultural society and press representatives took part at the varnishing day. The exhibition has been opened by the art critics Roxana Pasculescu and Gheorghe Vida

Roxana Pasculescu, Rodica Toth Poiata, Gheorghe Vida

Simeza sala 1

Galeria Simeza

past events

Interview in Niram Art revue

read the whole article (pdf)

Niram Art

Ioana ReVUE Award - 2006

Awarded for Artistical performance
granted by the Burda review and revista Ioana review, in the festivity lodged by the Officer's Club .

Ioana review

Ioana review

The colours of francophonie

The Francophonie days in Bucharest - the artist participated with an artwork within the framework of a charrity performance, together with some others renowned romanian contemporary artists like Constantin Blendea, Aurel Bulacu, Constantin Daradici, Vasile Muresan-Murivale, Marian Zidaru. The festival took place in the CEC building, Bucharest

opera de arta
CEC Bucuresti
catalog de arta


Interview in Curierul National newspaper

Rodica Toth Poiata:   "I am more consistent as an artist than as a person"
the article in romanian

Curierul National
Romanian Professional Artists Association

"Aspects" exibition

On the 15th of June 2006 at the ARTIS Art Gallerie , from within National Theatre, Bucharest, took place the varnishing day of the personal painting exhibition named „ASPECTS”. The exhibition included portraits, nudes but also compositions in wich the main character depicted is the women. The artist exhibited pictures from the last time of her works creation. The exhibition had been opened by the art critic Octavian Barbosa.

past events    

"Aspects" exibition

Between 10 april - 27 April the artist's one man show "Aspects" that took place in the Marble Salon of the National Officers Club. The artist exhibited pictures from the last time of her works creation.

expozitie cercul militar national
Cercul Militar
expozitie in Sala de Marmura
expozitie cercul militar national


catifea (Velvet)


In november 2005, at the National Romanian Literature Museum in Bucharest took place the presentation of the stories volume "Catifea" (velvet), signed by Florin Zamfirescu. The illustrations of the book have benn made by the artist Rodica Toth Poiata. The opening took place in an artistical atmosphere,coming along with the opening of a painting exhibition of erotic persuasion.

The event has been repeated in January 006, in the lobby of the Odeon Theatre

expozitie cercul militar national


"Catifea (Velvet) is a book that can make it's own glory. A glory that is rightful, not helped or stacked. And this not about succes - that is assured at least from three angles: borrowed from the actor Florin Zamfirescu, through the daring and delicate erotism of the stories and last but not least the rediscovery of the story. Of the thematical story in some meaning because all the stories are moving in an heterogeneous mirage"

Al. Cistelecan

expozitie cercul militar national Acuarela

illustrations by rodica poiata
from "catifea" by florin zamfirescu

officers club art gallery exhibition


Tabu Magazine

Interview in Tabu Magazine, no. 32,
December 2004.

“The woman is the human being which inherits aesthetical and moral shapes closest to the perfection”

expozitie cercul militar national

top business
exhibition at Targu Mures

Paintings Published in the "ART top" cultural addendum of the Top Business publication, no. 14 , 2004

During 1 – 15 April 2004 at the Romanian Professional Artists Association Galleries from Targu Mures, the personal exhibition entitled “The eternal feminine”.

The artist is exhibiting representational structures with feminine characters.

expozitie cercul militar national


domus revue
the artist of the month

“The artist of the month” in the Domus revue, no.11, november 2002.

“Rodica Toth Poiata – the body's secret poetry”

arta                      nuduri

magic romania
top business

Performance award, may 2002, granted by Top Business review, Bucharest - New York.

Performance award, may 2002,
Top Business, Bucharest - New York.