The artist Rodica Toth Poiata - Contemporary art - oil canvas picture drawing, nude Romania

Romanian painting in oil on canvas - nudes,landscapes,still life,nude.

Pictures for sale in an virtual art gallery, paintings of Rodica Toth Poiata.Contemporary painting, in other words postmodern painting, overfilled with different art movements, can be found in the romanian art galleries all over Romania, but especially in Bucharest.

Showing the contemporan artists works, in a fabulous color exhibition,kinda showy here and there, the romanian show rooms offers to the viewers a large blade of romanian artists. Great canvas that can proudly be presented in any contemporary art museum are organised in a rack along with sketches and studies of models. I entered an artshop in the center of the Bucharest town, to see how are things working for the romanian art.

Hanging on the walls, dadaism and suprarealism, postmodernism but also classics, icons in warm colours, nudes and pastels, portraits and compositions, a kind of baroque opulence of artistic forms. In the center of the exhibition, a bronze sculpture, a women's portrait, with vague sketched features. Intrerestingly enough as a composition, kind of boring otherwise.

Hanging on the wall behind the curator, there's in the darkness a surreal painting - a colorfull nude; the title is surprisigly selfportrait! The artist has either chosen a wonderful subject, either being a skilled sketcher she imagined a sculptural body with voluptous forms. We have great sketchers, but there are too many works of art in the galleries, too many art works, paintings in the same small space, too many artists that stay in line on a waiting list for the chance of having a personal or a group exhibition. oil panting

The artist

Curriculum Vitae


she was borned in Brasov, Romania  
Graduated the Fine Arts University from Timisoara  
member of the Romanian Professional Artists Association, painting department  



One man show

2002, 2004 - Romanian Senat Galleries, Bucharest - painting exhibition
2004 - Romanian Professional Artists Association Show, Targul Mures - painting exhibition
2003 - Orizont Galeries , Bucharest - painting exhibition
2002 - Military officers' club Art Gallery, Bucharest - painting exhibition
2002 - Muzeul Literaturii Romane, Bucuresti - oil painting exhibition
2001 - Muzeul Literaturii Romane, Bucuresti - graphic exhibition
1998 - Romanian Professional Artists Association Show room, Tulcea - painting exhibition
1997 - Romanian Professional Artists Association Show room, Tulcea - painting on canvas exhibition
1995 - Art Museum, Brasov - painting exhibition
1994 - Art Museum, Brasov - painting exhibition
1988 Victoria show room, Brasov oil on canvas pictures
1985, 1988 The "Book House", Tulcea painting on canvas
1982, 1983 Dacia Art Gallery, Tulcea painting exhibition



Group exhibitions

2005 Painting exhibition, Apollo Galleries, National Theater, Bucharest
2003 Painting exhibition, Apollo Art Galeries, National Theater, Bucharest
2003 - 2003 Romanian Parliament Art Galleries - oil paintings exhibition
2002 - Painting and Graphic art exhibition organised by UNESCO, Athens, Greece
1997 - Painting art show, Paris, France
1995 - Painting exhibition, Aalborg, Denmark
1990 Painting exhibition, Saint Nazaire, France
1990 The painting and sculpture Biennale,National Theater Art Galleries, Bucharest
1989 Expozitie de pictura, Galeriile Fondului Plastic, Tulcea
1987 Youth Art Exhibition, Dalles Show room, Bucharest
1986 Painting exhibition, Izmail, USSR
1985, 1988 The "Book House", Tulcea painting on canvas exhibition
1977 Graphic exhibition, Republican Salon, Dalles Gallery, Bucharest